Anne Griffin
Bio Energy Therapy

My Background and Why I choose to do Bio Energy Healing

My passion was always helping people feel better both emotionally and physically.  I am continually fascinated about life energy and how the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. When my children were younger I took them for many holistic treatments and was amazed how they benefited from them.  I was eager to learn more, I did some research and I made the decision to study Bioenergy Healing.

About the Oisin School of Bioenergy Healing

The Oisin School of Bio-Energy & Sound Healing was established three decades ago to provide live training courses and workshops in bio energy and sound healing and is one of the most respected schools in this area. I completed my studies in 2018 and started by giving complimentary sessions to friends and family. It continues to grow steadily with referrals from people who are feeling the benefits and naturally want to tell others.

Have More Questions ?

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