Client Testimonials

Bio Energy Therapy can benefit people in all kinds of situations and each client has their own individual story. Check out some examples of clients and how they benefitted.

Benefits of Bio Energy Therapy
  • Helps Alleviate Pain
  • Aids in Tissue Regeneration
  • Reduces Negative Emotions
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces Pain
  • Releases Stress
  • Improves Digestive System Function
  • Improves Bodies Energy Flow & Overall Well Being

Learn How Bio-Energy Helped Conor
After Collapsing & Spending a Week in Hospital

Suffering from Anxiety - Ava

"I've had 3 sessions of bio-energy healing with Anne. She is very kind and made me feel comfortable. She really helped me. I feel more calm, relaxed and at ease. I find myself more in control and better able to deal with stresses. I totally recommendher". 

Overcoming Difficult Life Changes - Gwen

I would happily recommend Anne. I’ve had three distance sessions and already feeling the benefits. I feel more energised, more upbeat and I am noticing little improvements every day.

I have had a lot of changes and stress in my life over the last 2 years and Anne was able to pick up on those, based on my energy, everything she reported to me after the sessions was on point and made total sense to me.

She is very accommodating and very caring. The follow up from Anne is great and I am looking forward to my next session already as I know I will feel even better after it."

Suffering from Insomnia - Fiona

I had a distance bio energy healing session with Anne last night. It had to be distance with the current climate of social distancing. I have had previous in person bio sessions with Anne before but never distant. Well I was so pleasantly surprised. Firstly, it gave me a space to lie on my bed, candles burning and music playing. I have been suffering with awful insomnia. No joke - last night, I slept the night after it! Anne is a genius! I felt able to tackle the day 'homeschooling' my kids today! I've my next one booked for Friday evening. I would totally recommend it. Fiona

Child with Sleep Issues - Ann Marie

My 7yr old son had one bio energy session with Anne recently. He was having trouble with his sleep, he would wake up multiple times a night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. This meant he was tired in school and lacking in energy.   After one Bio Energy session I was delighted to tell Anne, that my son was not up at all after the 1st night or since which is utterly amazing.... Bio Energy had wonderful benefits for sleep for my son and also helped with relaxing his mind and his spirit is much happier.   Happy Parent.  AnnMarie

Digestive Issues - Carrie

"I have been for 3 sessions with Anne. I'm feeling so much more relaxed, positive and more focused. It has been great for sleep, stress and digestive issues. Thanks You Anne. "

Cancer Diagnosis & Ongoing Treatment

"Not knowing much about Bio Energy Healing beforehand I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry, Anne is a very warm, welcoming, listens with interest and care.  I needed help mentally and emotionally following a cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatments.  The sessions gave me a boost to deal with my worries to give me some self-care, positivity and relaxation. " LA

Energy Boost - Marcia

"I had a Bio energy session with Anne yesterday and it was brilliant. I felt totally rebalanced after. This is going to be a monthly gift to myself because at the end of the day we are our greatest asset. Thanks so much Anne for a truly wonderful experience. X " Marcia

Suffering with Sinus Issues - Molly

"I had my third session of Bio Energy last evening with Anne, and I am so happy with the changes that I have experienced. I suffer quite badly all year round with my sinuses and hayfever and take antihistamines daily which is concerning but I was left with no choice. Since I have started with Anne my symptoms have improved hugely. After my first session I was really bad for 2 days but by day 3 I was good again and I have not had any symptoms since and have not taken any antihistamines at all. The session has been really successful for me and I found it very relaxing. Thank you Anne" Molly

Children's Anxiety - Starting New Schools - Anne Marie

"I brought two of my kids to Anne to prepare them for the return to school/starting new schools. Both have had anxiety issues around school and I felt they needed to move on from the past and face the future with more positivity. Both are in much better form since their sessions and I’m looking forward to the new school year with far less trepidation  Anne was wonderful with both kids and I would highly recommend her. " 

Tension Headaches & Back Pain - Madeline

"I would highly recommend Anne for Bio Energy Therapy. Found it to be very relaxing mentally and physically. Would be a sufferer of tension headaches and back pain but there has definitely been an improvement, even after one treatment. Also very helpful for emotional issues that need to be released, even if you don't realise it. Will definitely continue with treatments."

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